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Volf.jpgSo one person characterized Miroslav Volf’s essays and speeches and books, and Volf himself says it all comes from the conviction that God is love. Which means the new collection of one America’s leading theologians, Against the Tide: Love in a Time of Petty Dreams and Persisting Enmities
, is worth the effort of purchasing and reading.

The book gathers together Volf’s many pieces in The Christian Century, but makes available to you and to me — and his many readers — his collected ecclesial essays. Whether it is forgiveness or grace in the face of our enemies, Volf’s essays point to another way, a way against the tide.
I was stunned by his essay on Timothy McVeigh, but that’s just one. The essays are gathered into topics: God and the Self, The Reality of Evil and the Possibility of Hope, Family Matters, Church, Mission and Other Faiths, Culture and Politics, Giving and Forgiving, Hope and Reconciliation, and Perspective.
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