Jesus Creed

Timothy Dalrymple interviewed a chaplain at Gitmo. The full interview can be read here, but here is one clip:

What are the faith-related issues that Christian guards at Gitmo typically wrestle with? 

Sailors wrestle the most with how they can be good spouses and parents when they are so far away from their families at home. Yet there are other struggles. Some struggle with the question of whether Christians and Muslims actually worship the same God. 

Still others are figuring out how God wants them to behave in difficult situations. Guards are sometimes assaulted by detainees who throw feces and bodily fluids at them. The guards have to turn the other cheek and walk away. Doing the right thing, even when you are wronged, takes an amazing amount of self-discipline, moral fortitude, and military bearing. I am amazed at the level of professionalism shown by soldiers half my age. I question whether I would respond as well as they do.

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