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AndyNthPt.jpgI’m asking Andy Stanley some questions about preaching, and I will be recording his answers here.

Well, I’m cheating when I say that: I’m reading his book (Communicating for a Change: Seven Keys to Irresistible Communication
) and generating questions that are answered by his chapters. Sorry, but I think that first paragraph was Andy-esque. I maybe have to repeat this each time to make the whole approach clear.
Anyone have some suggestions for learning to preach toward a point?
Question for preachers: What’s your point?
Andy starts off with a low blow to many of us preachers: “If life change is your goal, point by point preaching is not the most effective approach” (103). Hear that: point by point preaching is not as effective at change as preaching with a single point in view. He says his famous preacher dad was the “king of points.”
What’s a point? An application, an insight, or a principle. Two questions have to be asked: What do I want the congregation to know? What do I want them to do?
And this: Dig until you find it, build everything around it, and make it stick.
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