Jesus Creed

EucharistCup.jpgMany participate in eucharist weekly. This series is for those — so we will post it early each Sunday AM — and it is for those who wish their local church had weekly communion and it is also for those who want to ponder weekly the great mysteries of the redemption we give thanks for, we memorialize, and we bless. To aid in this series, I will be looking at Fr. Tadeusz Dajczer’s new book, The Mystery of Faith: Meditations on the Eucharist
. He’s a recently deceased Polish Catholic priest whose books have sold in to the hundreds of thousands worldwide. I will not always agree with Dajczer, but instead of debating his points I will focus on what we agree on — that the elements of wine and bread, the blood and body of Christ, are a shared treasure for all Christians. My focus will be providing a meditative thought for us as we approach eucharist.

“The Church speaks of the universal call of holiness, and this call means the challenge to each and everyone of us towards having an interior life. Sacramental life and interior life are deeply interdependent” (3). And “By the act of faith (which is a grace both of invitation and response) I can communicate with God who comes out to meet me in the Eucharist” (4).
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