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The Biologos Foundation ran an invitation only workshop earlier this month on the issues of science and faith – evangelical faith. They are posting a number of the papers considered over the next several weeks both on the Biologos site […]

Coming home from classes Tuesday, I put in my CD player a brand new CD by Andrea Bocelli called My Christmas . I enjoyed it immensely — a mix of some genuine Christmas songs, including a wonderful rendition of The Lord’s […]

Kris and I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! We will be traveling this morning to spend the day with family from hither and yon, and we are grateful that everyone will be together. Blessings on your day.

In a week or two we will be making an announcement about an exciting opportunity for the Jesus Creed blog community. Today I want to quote some Bible and remind us that whether we take this verse in a more […]

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Just a thought and a question: I don’t read newspapers anymore; we no longer subscribe; we no longer have blackened fingers; we no longer have stacks of papers in our recycle bin.  We read the news online and we watch […]

Missional work leads at times to prison work, but not by choice. Instead of Paul feeling sorry for himself or fearing for his life, Paul and Silas praise God. I don’t think this is about the power of positive thinking […]

I announced two weeks back that we are beginning a new series with David Opderbeck, a professor of law. He will educate us on law — should be fun. Christians and “Judicial Activism”:  Viva la Revoluc?on? There are few hotter flashpoints […]

Why do we have so many thereapeutic specialists? And — here’s a big one — why have so many pastors become therapeuts?  Perhaps a different angle on this question: Why do so many take their “spiritual” or “psychological” problems to […]