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Christianity Today is my favorite Christian publication — it has exceptional leadership and editors, solid articles from across the spectrum, and a real keen eye for what’s not only happening but is what to happen. I hope you subscribe. But there’s something brand new about it…

Have you seen the new design of Christianity Today?

Carol Stream, IL?September 18 – Christianity Today magazine debuts its redesign in the October
issue with new features and a bold, new look. The magazine has a new
orientation with well-defined sections and a new color palette.

Editor-in-Chief David Neff says, “Redesign a magazine and
you could disorient some readers. But we hope that the redesigned Christianity Today will quickly give the
reader a better sense of orientation. We believe the magazine is easier to use
and more thoughtful than ever.”

Lead designer, Gary Gnidovic, says, “Although we’d been
considering a redesign of Christianity
Today for a couple of years, the beginning of 2009 felt like the right time
to begin the process. Sometimes a publication’s design can evolve slowly, but
periodically, because of changing editorial needs, or even cultural shifts, it
is good to completely rethink how one is approaching the content structurally
and visually. In CT’s 50-year history there have been only 5 or 6 complete
redesigns. We hope that the reader will find this new CT to feel fresh and
vital, and with a greater degree of orientation to the content.”

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