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Buckingham Fountain, Chicago!!!!

BuckinghamFountain.jpgGood one from Mrs. Neff.

iCar.jpgThe future car is an iCar!

Lots of future education in the church will be from sites like this — and the series by Hurtado looks incredibly interesting to me.

Do you believe in hell? Pastors and the soft sell on hell.

Religion and social media, as well as Ten Commandments for Social Media — by Jana Riess. Religion and church signs. Religion and the future of mainline denominations. Religion and emergent – Tony knows this stuff.

Karen’s next book — she’s got good titles and wonderful stories.

Mark is always good and wise. Jeanne Stevens posts wisdom about courage.

Church “visitors.” (HT: TS)
Back yard visitors.
Those visiting doubts.

Brett on Christians and alcohol. Dan on missional.

Lesson is: don’t bark at dogs, esp police dogs.

Good tips for bloggers. Wisdom about what not to blog about.
My problem with … those who evaluate why one church is doing well and another one not so well? The problem I have is that this article is absolutely absent of any theological analysis. I’m sorry, but in reading this essay there is no analysis of gospel theology, of Christian life vision, of prayer, of anything but … one group has a more up-to-date form of (social media) communication. I doubt, brother, this is what explains what you think is the difference.

The best (chain) brew? Come to Chicago and try some Intelligentsia! (Well, it’s not a chain, but there’s a few stores and they are in my little chain.) But Starbucks is masking itself in the form of other coffee shops.

This accident happened directly in front of our home Tuesday AM about 6:20. Everyone was OK, but it sure didn’t look like that would be case when I first saw it.

Kalman.jpg1. Maira Kalman‘s back — with a wonderful post on inventions.
2. The Washington Post’s “On Faith” page has a good discussion of perspectives of how to determine what marriage is.
3. I’m for this — but don’t know how long it should last. Any suggestions?
4. Cars fitted so blind persons can drive — how cool is that! (HT: RJS)
5. Thievery, as can be seen from this story, can wear a person out.
6. From NYTimes: “And in terms of health, it’s not better to have married and lost than
never to have married at all. Middle-age people who never married have
fewer chronic health problems than those who were divorced or widowed.”
7. 52 zoos in 52 weeks, plus 55 animal parks, and all on a budget!
8. Birthers, give it up! On a related topic: Saletan on the anti-contraception crowd.
9. Thomas Sowell: “Let’s go back to square one. The universe was not made to our
specifications. Nor were human beings. So there is nothing surprising
in the fact that we are dissatisfied with many things at many times.
The big question is whether we are prepared to follow any politician
who claims to be able to “solve” our “problem.””
10. Lest we forget … let us keep these folks in our prayers and within view.
11. Who benefits most from affirmative action? White women.
12. And American benefits not at all from the invective propagated by too many … nice article.


“Dating to the 2006 British Open, Woods has won 21 of 39 starts on the PGA Tour.”

At 97, the guy gets his first hole-in-one!

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