Jesus Creed

BreakfastCheck.jpgMy morning routine on days we are home: wake up around 5:30am, shower etc, stroll into the kitchen, turn on the coffee machine and put coffee in the portafilter, put some yogurt and oats in a small bowl, pick up my cell phone (iPhone), and wander to the back porch where I open up my computer and check e-mail and FB and Twitter and then my morning prayers. (Kris and I chat about our day, too.)

Ten years ago things were much different. Very different.

How about you, how long into the day before you go online? This NYTimes piece I read this morning raises the question we can discuss today: How long into your day before you are online? Any discussions in your family? Any wisdom?

This is morning in America in the Internet age. After six to eight
hours of network deprivation — also known as sleep — people are
increasingly waking up and lunging for cellphones and laptops,
sometimes even before swinging their legs to the floor and tending to
more biologically urgent activities.

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