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Friends of the Jesus Creed blog community, this is a heart-cry from not only this wounded woman but also from many in churches today. Let’s pray and let’s offer this woman — and the many in this situation — with advice. What to say to her? [Permission granted to publish this comment publicly for your wisdom and prayers.]

Dear Scot,

How long should you stay in a marriage if your partner refuses spiritual guidance or therapy and continues to break the covenants of the marriage with adultery, verbal and physical abuse?  I was forced to kick my husband out of the house hoping this would get him to go to a therapist or our pastor but we just continued on with his life style and now has told all our friends we are separated. 

He is a Christian and has been since he was a teenager.  He is 51 now. He potrays himself as the victim since I kicked him out of the house.  We have no children and have been married 10 years. We have gone to therapy on and off but never consistently.  There is a lot of shame on both our parts do to the physical abuse.  I have not told anyone except a therapist about the physical abuse which he is in complete denial about.  He refuses to acknowledge it or apologize for it.   

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