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Our weekly contribution from “PW” about life as a minister’s spouse.

Historically, protestant ministry families have been paid in various ways for the work the pastor does in the local parish. Two to three centuries ago, some ministry families were paid once a year after the harvest. Some parsons were paid in chickens or produce. I am sure this brought about the thrifty and resourceful ministry families we see today.
Today, we receive garden vegetables, fruit, pastries, baked goods, labor for projects, and some gifts of money. We are extremely grateful for the financial provisions in our local church. Sometimes this has been a source of anxiety in lean times. Other times, there has been provision above and beyond what we can imagine.
What parts of ministry financial support are most freeing for you and your family? What parts of providing for the pastor are still a struggle for your local church? Are there new and creative ways ministry families are being provided for in the local church?

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