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Hey, Scot, other than chipmunks, what did you find this week? Here are some things I found: Karen has a wonderful reflection on death and heaven and being here. Weekly wisdom from Jim Martin: say the appropriate thing. Brief reflection […]

I have to admit I prefer his dancing (and leaning) in Smooth Criminal. When Kris and I were teenagers the Jackson Five songs were hits. When our kids were young we watched the video of “We are the World” with […]

One of our most faithful readers and commenters, dopderbeck, blogs and this is from his site today: In Missional Theology I, we were required to write  contemporary paraphrase of the gleanings laws in Lev. 19:9-10 and Deut. 24: 19-22. Here […]

…that Christ has set you free Call it the misguided passion of a young church worker, but I’ve always been both challenged and excited by scripture’s seemingly unconditional claims about our freedom.  I have yet to hear a good exegetical […]

What do you tell your son if he asks for discernment about what to do for a vocation? Michael Jenkins, in Called to Be Human: Letters to My Children on Living a Christian Life ,advises his son through a life […]

I found this article by Don Tapscott at Edge: The Third Culture through a tweet by Brad Boydston, and want to throw it out here for a conversation. Essentially, he argues the idea that the current generations learning style, absorbed […]

James doesn’t mince his words into small bits that can be digested easy; he’s on the prowl here because he finds the sin of presumption as arrogance. Here are the words from James 4:13-17: Now listen, you who say, “Today […]

Chapter eight of Alister McGrath’s new book A Fine-Tuned Universe: The Quest for God in Science and Theology deals with the views of Augustine of Hippo on creation.  Augustine and the relationship of Augustinian thought to evolution and Darwinian natural […]

What do you say to your adult daughter if she tells you she’s not convinced of God or that she’s at least not on good terms with God? Pastor-theologian Michael Jinkins, in his new book Called to Be Human: Letters […]

Sunday evening in our last session Dr. Dennis Perry, the lead pastor at Aldersgate UMC in Alexandria VA, asked me a question that went like this: what are your impressions and what would be your advice to Aldersgate? My response […]