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MWHolmes.jpgDuring my early graduate years in seminary I began to use the Loeb edition of the apostolic fathers, and then when Bart Ehrman brought out a whole new Loeb edition of the apostolic fathers, I bought that one. I enjoy Loeb volumes. But I have changed:

Michael W. Holmes (Bethel College), who has for decades been working on these texts and producing various editions and translations, now has brought it all together in his new Greek-English edition of the apostolic fathers. This new edition is now my first-to-go-to edition: The Apostolic Fathers: Greek Texts and English Translations

Mike is an expert text critic, and he has plied his trade well in this new edition of his ongoing work on the apostolic fathers. The edition is a handy, one-volume edition with nice paper and a very readable crisp font. He has solid introductions and up-to-date bibliographies. I like Didache so I couldn’t resist reading through it again in this new edition: nice clear translation.

In short, this is the first volume to pull off your shelf if you want to read the apostolic fathers.

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