Jesus Creed

Mac.jpgYes here’s the final results of evolution:

Manual typewriter … then Electric typewriter … then PC … then Apple.

We bought one in 1984 and have not looked back! What’s your favorite Mac story?

Saturday marks the 25th anniversary of the original Macintosh, the
first personal computer to draw masses, introduce the mouse and
incorporate a graphical user interface, relying on images instead of

The Apple Inc. watershed product entered American
consciousness amid fanfare, with a $1.5 million commercial, made by
Ridley Scott, wowing audiences during Super Bowl XVIII. The piece’s
title, “1984,” invoked author George Orwell’s message and stood as a
warning against conformity.

Two days after the ad ran, the
Macintosh became available and life, as people knew it, changed. No
longer were computers viewed as toys with which to play primitive games
or as untouchable tools reserved for degreed engineers. We began to
think different.

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