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The City of Chicago… … home of the Cubs!

Save us, Lord, while we are awake, guard us while we are asleep; that, awake, we may watch with Christ, and, asleep, may rest in His peace.

The most neglected books in the Old Testament are the Wisdom books, and so it is nice to see Chris Wright look at “mission” in light of what the Wisdom books teach (2d half of chp 13: The Mission of […]

By the end of the 19th Century there was so much hope and optimism in the air, one could easily have concluded that the very notion of original sin was a relic of an ancient past. Within 30 years or […]

We’ve got quite the line-up of books to come. First, I want to announce a major series on racism. I, along with four other professors — Vincent Bacote (Wheaton), Soong-Cha Rah (North Park Seminary), and two of my department colleagues […]

Recently we’ve had two good conversations about the liturgical turn of low church evangelical Christians. So today I ask: What can be done about it? One option is to ignore the turning folks and carry on with what we’ve got. […]

Paraclete has now completed, with professional expertise, our DVD presentation of the Jesus Creed project: Jesus Creed — DVD. I hope you consider it for Sunday School classes, adult Bible study groups, and a way to get a conversation started. […]

A second glorious text about “gospel” in the Lukan infancy stories is found in Luke 2, but this one concerns Yeshua (Jesus) and not Yohanan (John). It is found in Luke 2:8-14.

For more than three years I have participated, actively, enthusiastically, and at times with consternation, in the emerging movement conversation. A recent Out of Ur post not only suggested that the word “emerging” was dead but also the emerging church […]

We have been having an ongoing, sporadic conversation on the issues of conversion, apostasy, and doubt on this blog over the last several years. A recent book simply entitled Doubtingby Alister McGrath deals with this issue in a useful and […]