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Summer sports …
A post to read and ponder from iMonk, with this line: “When I look up from the road, I notice that the lights in the distance are closer and the noise behind me is not as loud.”
Pro-life means anti-torture.
Mr. Beck, there’s a reason for this: Obama is interesting; McCain isn’t. Some bias, sure; more charisma.
Missional and a building — good post by Rose Swetman (part two). John Frye shows that exegesis means listening to others. Jim Martin asks us a good question. Erika tells a good story. Karen’s book is due out soon. Eugene and education and he’s got a picture of some interesting sculpture. How many of you face this problem at times?
Promise me you won’t do this!
Tom Smith working into a theology for South Africa.
And here is a piece on the invasion of Africa by the Chinese. Anyone know about this topic?
Never a Dull Moment over at (Does anyone follow I just heard of it and it looks like a good site.)
Speaking of conversant … John Stackhouse has a post on the Top Ten apologists. Who is your nomination?
And on nominations, David Fitch wonders whether it is Christian to vote.
What kind of life do people desire?
Did you see this video? So very cool.
1. A local newsaper, local grammar, and a country-wide problem.
2. When a free society and religious commitment collide.
3. Encore careers.
4. Open source science and inventions.
5. Seeing the light or feeling the heat?
6. When this happens for Faculty Meetings the Eschaton will have arrived!
7. Facebook, MySpace and the future of teens.
8. T. Boone Pickens … who would his VP be?
9. Students invading food banks.
10. And now this: Does this sound like the tax collector’s prayer in Luke 18?
It was too good to be true, but Greg Norman almost pulled it off. But, congrats to Padraig Harrington. We’d have been in for a year of zaniness if Poulter had somehow managed to win.
A tragedy of overindulgence.

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