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Last year a professor at North Park seminary, Helen Cepero, sent me the manuscript of her new book Journaling as a Spiritual Practice, asked me to take a look at it, and asked me to blurb it. I couldn’t even though I wanted to. Why? Not because I didn’t like the book, because I really did. The reason? I don’t journal so I couldn’t in good conscience blurb the book. But, I think it’s a good book; I’ve liked reading it and I know that many of you would like it. So, today, I’d like to have a conversation …
What do you get from journaling? Why do you journal? What are your habits for journaling? What are your suggestions? What are the pitfalls?
Helen is director of spiritual formation at our seminary. I’ve heard a few of the seminary students talk about journaling, so I know the practice is spreading. The book is filled with examples and reflections, and perhaps I should say that it is good for the one who does not journal — I can vouch for that.
She talks about things like journaling your story and journaling your past, journaling your hopes and figuring out where you are now. An interesting chp of her experience of dialogue journaling. And one on the experience with suffering.
There is lots of gentle stuff in this book.

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