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Kris read Carolyn Custis James’ new book, The Gospel of Ruth , recently, gave it to our daughter, Laura, and both loved it. It is an imaginative Bible study of the book of Ruth and it can serve well for personal devotional time as well as for Bible studies. During the time that Kris was reading the book, she would share with me that she enjoyed studying Ruth (along with James’ book) and felt that she learned much from Ruth.
I haven’t had a chance to read the book because Kris and Laura snarfed it up before I had a chance.
Many of you know that I have a book coming out this Fall from Zondervan, called The Blue Parakeet. That book is about rethinking how we read the Bible. What I haven’t said much about is that the last 3d of the book is about women in ministry, and one thing I think we need to do a lot more of is to teach and preach about women in the Bible. It was not possible for me to delve into each woman in the Bible, and there are far more women in the Bible than most of us know (!), and I didn’t cover Ruth at all. So, I am very happy to hear about this book.
I’m wondering who has read it and what you think of it?

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