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Some of you may know that I’ve written a book on fasting in a series from Thomas Nelson. The first volume in the series was by Brian McLaren, Finding Our Way Again, and now the second volume is out. It is by Robert Benson and it is called In Constant Prayer. It’s about fixed hour prayer. I opened it up to read the other day … and … well …
You may know that authors not infrequently open up books, slip to the back of the book and fish through the author index or the footnotes to see if they are quoted. Well, I thought to myself, surely Robert Benson would quote me — after all, I mean, c’mon Robert … somewhere at least. I’m referring here to my Praying with the Church. Not a word. Shutout. Worse than a soccer game. Well, give him a break. So, I did.
It was some relief to find that Phyllis Tickle, the general editor, did say some nice things about Praying with the Church. So, now I’m in a better mood … and …
It got better and better and I’m happy to recommend to you this fine memoir-ish type book on fixed hour prayer. If you don’t know Robert Benson, know this: this fella can flat-out write. Simple, direct, clear, honest prose. That’s what I know him for. (I’ve read a few of his books and passed them around to friends.)
This is a memoir of his experiences with fixed hour prayer. It’s not a history of fixed hour prayer; it’s not an introduction to prayer books; it’s not an introduction to the Book of Common Prayer. One more time, it is an honest man’s honest words about his honest experience with fixed hour prayer. And there’s a subtle wit and humor.
Here’s my finest commendation: Kris often reads books and tells me so much about them that I don’t even have to read them. While reading Benson’s book, I quoted so many lines to Kris that she said (joking about her own habit), “Maybe I won’t even have to read this one, Scot.” She’ll read it, believe me. And I know she’ll love it.
An honest man’s honest words about honest experiences.

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