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We’re sensing we are a long way from our home, but “TK” is there remodeling our kitchen. So, hello to TK. Speaking of far away distances … this is some 450 light years from here…
We are in Rustenburg, South Africa, north west of Johannesburg. Many folks see the terrain this way … we did not get here this way and we won’t likely be seen in the gandola anytime soon.
I begin with our prayers for John Michael Talbot and the community at Little Portion Hermitage.
And prayers for June Bug.
One of my favorite bloggers is Eugene Cho, pastor of Quest in Seattle. His off-beat humor and clear-headedness keep that blog rolling. Like this post … which ends with a picture that is not likely to win him any awards. He passed this one on too; I hadn’t seen it until he posted it. And, just in case you didn’t realize this, this whole weekly meandering thing derives from one of the most consistent bloggers ever, an early emerger, Jordon Cooper. Tony Jones, a chaplain, weighs in on carrying guns and the Anabaptists. It’s Tony’s old song and dance. Bob Robinson, holding hands with Tony Jones on this one, has now weighed in on whether or not the Anabaptists get it right on government: is it designed to deal only with cracked Eikons?
One of the more insightful pieces I’ve seen on the malaise now infecting the Democratic party’s run-off. This piece explores a similar theme. And this piece by Weisman and Mosk points to a growing and worrying concern by African Americans. I don’t know if this link will get us there — so if not, please don’t write me about it — but had a little video that shows Obama’s got game when it comes to hoops. David Brooks seems to have it about right on this one.
We’ve wondered how Christine and family were doing; thanks for posting this Christine. Our prayers are with you.
Read this about the opponents helping this young woman round the bases for her first homer. (I hope the link works — thanks to ksz.)
British Museum Library, which I used a few times, now permits more into its sacred spaces and it is creating a row. The put downs by the intelligentsia are worth the read.
We’re do for new phones … what do you know about the new iPhone?
And this little bear is already ready for church.
God and business — nice read by Moses Lee.
1. The world’s youngest professor.
2. Ansel Adams — a wonderful photographer.
3. Ed Gilbreath comments on the Jeremiah Wright interview.
4. Thanks to Mike Bird for the nice review of my atonement book.
5. Korean academies preparing students for Ivy League schools.
6. Barna’s new study on the use of technology in churches.
7. Ed Gilbreath sees a change in tone in Jeremiah Wright.
8. Any experience with cyber-bullying?
9. Did you see this picture?
10. Anyone (who is still reading) been to hear this singer of late?
11. Just got this one: Billy Kangas has a set of observations about intelligent design and how to talk about creation and science.
Now that we are here in South Africa, I ought to mention that Rustenburg will host the 2010 World Cup. If you’ve got Google Earth the stadium is one of those little purplish lights. Looks like a cricket pitch is next to it. We’re staying near a golf course, but I’ve got no yen to cart clubs across the world or to play when we’ve got so much here to explore.
Say what you want, Wrigley is #1 — hands down.

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