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Cool picture …
Vote for Steve McCoy — he helped me learn to blog and will give his winnings to help others hear the gospel. Scroll down and click on “Reformissionary.”
Here come the …. Hummers!
[This just in: Diane Reynolds writes a nice piece on the emerging movement and focuses on Baltimore.]
Theologian trading cards!
This is what we mean by “conversation” in the emerging movement. Good goin’ Dan.
Jim Martin on the atmosphere at your home.
When is “missional” not helpful? Read Dave Dunbar’s new missional journal entry.
You’ve got to read what Teddy Roosevelt said about the Cubs in the 20th Century. He used the “d” word.
Earth Hour in Chicago:
Kris has been following Mark’s blog … touching and let’s remember to pray for Mark and his son.
Our prayers are with Christine Scheller and family.
Helen Mildenhall’s poem — have you seen this?
David Fitch’s two questions for Brian McLaren.
Ed Gilbreath continues to dig into the Barack Obama speech.
Graduation rates in some cities falls perilously low. (HT: RJS)
What do we see?
Tuesday’s post on the emerging Amish church Solomon’s Barn.
JMT has a blog.
Stan Friedman’s interview about my 40 Days.
This is getting long already, but Bob Smietana’s piece on The Shack is — as always with Bob — well-written and insightful.
Lack willpower? Want to know why?
1. Robert Fagles, well known translator of Homer and Virgil, dies.
2. As a youngster my mom dragged me and my sisters to the St. Louis stage to see “The Sound of Music” live, and then we saw it on TV and then I saw some of those places in Salzburg as a college student and now Julie Andrews tells her story.
3. Abstinence debates at Harvard.
4. George Barna’s new study of divorce.
5. Pope Benedict XVI is coming to the USA.
Theologian trading cards: Luther and Melanchthon as well as Karl Barth.
6. Good, thorough, thoughtful summary of the ESA conference in Philly by Michael Kruse. And this is a good place to begin in Michael’s series on Brian McLaren’s book.
7. John Frye on “we are the Bible.”
8. Read Maria’s blog about small things with great love — two posts.
9. DC’s cherry blossoms … we were there last year, but the only blossoms remaining were blowing around on the ground.
10. NYC Cricketers.
Fukodomer Homer:
Speaking of homers, here’s the homer king Ernie Banks looking at the new statue of himself at Wrigley:
The toast of the NCAA tourney was Stephen Curry, of Davidson College, and we were saddened to see them eliminated.

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