Jesus Creed

If the Jesus Creed of loving God and loving others expresses the heart of Jesus’ ethic and God’s design for Eikons, then the Sermon on the Mount somehow expresses what loving God and loving others is all about. This is why the 4th part of 40 Days Living the Jesus Creed is called “The Jesus Creed becomes the Sermon on the Mount.”
For me, this isn’t cute; I spent a month sitting on my back porch last summer pondering and praying over the Sermon on the Mount to discern how it shapes our understanding of the Jesus Creed.
And in our series now we are suggesting that the Sermon on the Mount is what a Pentecostal community is designed to look like. Put differently, the wonderful description of the Pentecostal community in Acts 2:42-47 is concrete manifestation of the Sermon on the Mount.
A Jesus Creed life looks like someone who is salt or someone who is light, someone whose life of good works leads others to give glory to God (Matt 5:16). Such persons are persons of influence, influence in the righteous and just and peace and love direction.
Who has been that influence for you?

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