Jesus Creed

I probably get asked this question more than any other. Which means quite often. Again, used with permission and only slightly edited.
Hi Scot. First, let me say that I appreciate your writing and your heart. I have used some of the pieces you have written for a leadership magazine with my staff, and I find that I click back to your blog to help me on my journey.
I was wondering how you handle or deal with the “Truth War” crowd that believes anything but their rather minuscle box of theology to be heresy, from contemplative prayer to purpose driven principles. In most regards, you could say that I am an emergent pastor, the church I lead is an emergent/ing church…however I have been doing church this way for 22 years, longer than that word has been around, and longer than many of the faces of the current “movement” have been around as well.
With MacArthurs book, and Chuck Smith of Calvary taking stabs at both emerging churches and Rick Warren, I suddenly find myself in the sights of some…their rigidity and quick use of words like heresy and cult really piss me off…so as I work on my own heart in the face of some people who befuddle me with their thinking, I was wondering how you handle and deal with that crowd.
God is good, Jesus Christ is the centrifugal force of the church I lead…transformed life, new life, and hope-filled lives spill out of our church into the community and region that surround us…so the fruit is there, the “truth” is their, and perhaps even greater, grace is there for any and all who long to begin their journey towards Christ.
Any tips, thoughts, direction would be appreciated, and I am praying for you a you continue your ministry as well. Perhaps one day we might even connect face to face should God see fit.

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