Jesus Creed

(Say the Jesus Creed morning and evening during Lent.)
Kris and I are down in Florida, visiting with friends and speaking at 1st Presbyterian (on Saturday late afternoon) in Naples. Monday through Wednesday I’ll be out in San Diego at the National Pastor’s Convention.
Delegates … here’s an article that explains it.
If you’ve got 5 minutes for hilarity, this is one funny prank on a major league pitcher.
Paper altars.
Tom Ward’s beautiful reflections on hospitality.
Jim Martin on street-level faith.
John Frye on deadly truth.
New atheism. Watch it closely and you might 8) see yours truly.
David Fitch’s reflections on how we package salvation.
A new website on science and faith — David Vinson’s site. I’ve linked to it as “Nexus.”
There’s an interesting conversation at Michael Kruse’s blog about Emergent. Michael, I believe, keeps things honest.
Erika on our bottomless pit of desires.
1. Sarkozy promotes a Holocaust curriculum.
2. Susan Jacoby, who finds angles on significant subjects, is in the news for her book about American knowledge and education.
3. Do you get migraines? Here’s a good article — I have had a few myself.
4. There’s got to be some theology here: legally dead vs. really dead.
5. This reminds me of that old, frolickin’ Paul McCartney/Michael Jackson video.
6. Cool picture:
7. 6 Emerger Questions … Nick’s looking for a conversation at his site.
8. For true coffee lovers … Billy Kanga’s Liturgy of Espresso.
9. A fellow Anabaptist (Drew Moser) with some good thoughts about election.
10. My list above started getting too long, so this is down here, but T’s got some thoughts about orthodoxy. Tony Jones and I will be sparring soon about the meaning of orthodoxy.
Baseball player freak injuries; you’ve got to see this one. (HT: Luke)
Alert: ACL injuries on the rise for children, especially girls.
NCAA basketball: Illinois isn’t very good; Northwestern isn’t; Kris and I have turned our attention to the Lady Vols.

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