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Pray for those who suffered in the tornadoes Tuesday night, among whom are students at Union University where some of my former students are now professors. The clean up will take a long time and it will means lots of adjustments.
Here is a note from a regular reader of Jesus Creed who is a student at Union:
Please get the Jesus Creed people to pray for the Union community. Tuesday night, our campus was wiped out by a tornado. ALL the students dorms were destroyed. We were fortunate enough not to sustain damage on our dwelling and vehicles. Jennings Hall, the new Christian studies dept. (Ray’s and George’s office are there) had its roof ripped off and suffered significant water damage. It’s pretty much unusable. We don’t know when we can get back to class. There is absolutely no place for students to stay. Seriously, it looks like the Oklahoma City bombing. But thank God, no students were killed! 14 were initially trapped in the wreckage and the last one was freed this morning. The last one sustained a serious leg injury and they are doing all they can to prevent amputation. If you see pictures of the dorms, you will not be able to believe that someone could survive this, let alone 1000 students.

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