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We begin a lengthy series today: the parables of Jesus. Our guide will be Klyne Snodgrass and his book, Stories with Intent.

(Say the Jesus Creed morning and evening during Lent.) We now come to the end of Tom Wright’s book, Surprised by Hope. Today I want only to summarize very briefly the last two chps because we have already come to […]

Another kingdom text can be found at Matthew 16:24-28: 24 Then Jesus said to his disciples, ?If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. 25 For whoever wants to save […]

(Say the Jesus Creed morning and evening during Lent.) Here is a letter from a reader from a post a week or so ago; the letter is used with permission. Read it to the end because he is asking a […]

I am now brewing Drew’s Brew, a hand roasted coffee from Nashville, TN, and the particular kind is the Zappia Family Espresso. I’m on official record for saying the benchmark for me is Intelligentsia (Chicago) and the second best is […]

Today we enter a text that has been a source of controversy. So, let me quote it in full and offer just a few brief remarks:

When I saw the news that Cedarville chose to uninvite Shane Claiborne, I was saddened. Not only because some watch bloggers were behind the event, but most especially because of educational theory and for its impact on students. So, I […]

All at once, gathering on my desk of books, is a four-volume collection about public issues — and I could call this post the four evangelical horsemen riding into the American scene with ideas about how Jesus can help our […]

(Say the Jesus Creed morning and evening during Lent.) Chp 13 in Tom Wright’s Surprised by Hope explores building the kingdom and does so by showing that his view of resurrection reshapes justice, beauty, and evangelism.

Our next kingdom text (#49 if you are counting) is found in Matthew 13:52. In context: 51 ?Have you understood all these things?? Jesus asked.?Yes,? they replied. 52 He said to them, ?Therefore every teacher of the law who has […]