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Here’s how we play golf here in the Midwest in the winter:
Here’s what happens when you lose your golf ball in the lake during the winter:
Gospel Talk … there is a quiet storm brewing within evangelicalism and it has to do with how to define the gospel. Ben Dubow is posting on this issue; and Tony Jones has uncovered more of the story.
John Frye understands the gospel.
Quote of the Week: “How could you be 21 and not be for Barack Obama? How could you be 53 and not wonder how this relative stranger will hold up when the disasters arrive, when things get truly nasty and the crowd starts seeing him as mortal? But if she were around right now, Hillary Rodham the commencement speaker would probably be an Obama girl.”
How do you describe this mass of organizing what’s on the internet and blog world? Zoecarnate.
Do you read Lee Smith? Owen’s Armadillo, Dan deRoulet’s blog, will start a series on Lee Smith.
Another good blog … Through a glass darkly.
If you know Ed and you read his blog, you know this post about the TV commentator’s careless words about Tiger comes from the heart and deep thinking. Thanks Ed.
Adam Walker Cleaveland at Pomomusings has begun a series on kingdom by inviting a variety of emerging folks to give their take on kingdom of God.
Here is the reason, now I remember, why I gave up blue jeans.
Shift Interview. If you register, if you use this code you get a discount (SMC8ESM).
A good blogger over in France with a post that touches on our God’s Rivals posts.
You know you are aging when sons of colleagues are reviewing your books! Dane Ortlund reviews my atonement book — and his review is accurate and fair.
1. Good piece about African Americans and Obama’s victory in Iowa.
2. Romance vs. career: Are the trends changing?
3. An epiphany about family.
4. This little English blue tit (related to our chickadee) is getting his morning workout before attacking the peanut bag:
5. I’m hoping the layoffs won’t affect Susan Hogan/Albach, a fine religion writer here in Chicago at the Sun-Times.
6. Anyone know much about eco-friendly “resting places”?
7. 36%.
8. “You are my life.” I like it.
9. Trevin Wax has his list of books read for the year, and his top reads (and, hey, he likes my atonement book). Trevin is carving out a good spot as a trustworthy, fair, and insightful thinker.
10. iMonk has a thoughtful post about the temptation to quit.
11. A new blog I’ve seen; this post on prophecy has some good ideas.
12. Those struggling dinosaurs who were bugged to death.
Here’s some wisdom about sports and aging.
Good news.
The new Air Jordans …
Sad story but there could more of these hyped-up athletes following Marion Jones.
I’m not sure this is anything to be proud of.

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