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Good morning to you!
Kudos to Kris this week — she suggested the posts “Jesus Creed does Politics” and the “To Scot from Scot” post. What a fun week it was!
Chicago at night.
An interview with Fred Peatross and New Wineskins.
My interview on Mary at Elmbrook with Mel Lawrenz.
Stanley Fish’s false dichotomy: is it integrity or craft? (Or a leader with integrity who has the craft?)
Good story in sports.
Education today … made me think plenty. (HT: JM)
Did you hear this? (HT: Mel Lawrenz)
Another good item pointed out to us this week: What the church neglects, society provides. (HT: IG)
David Fitch and I had a dustup yesterday on WMBI about Willow Creek, David’s well-known concern about seeker-models as consumerist, and the REVEAL study of Greg Hawkins and Cally Parkinson. David and I agree about much more than we disagree.
1. Good interview with Philip Pullman, author of “The Golden Compass.”
2. Good book review by Patrick Allitt of Gary Wills’ new book, Head and Heart, in the history of American faith.
3. It’s not “new” news, but just in case you didn’t see the offiical documents and press releases about the San Joaquin Episcopal diocese splitting from the American Episcopal Church and forming an alliance with fellow believes in South America.
4. It’s all in the mind.
5. Here’s a pastor who sees it and gets it.
6. Reasonable piece about Obama and a strong piece about Giuliani. And CT had a good report about Hillary and her faith. And Huckabee too.
7. Good report about teachers.
8. Mark Roberts is a peacemaking scholar who is grounded both in the church and academy, and this new post on the New Perspective is good.
9. Are you a locavore?
10. How do you open those packages?
Here it is: 100 years of losing!
But it’s now over: Fukodome is the answer.
Wrigley, home of the 2008 World Series Champion, the Chicago Cubs…
The season has begun for this guy:

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