Jesus Creed

For many years now at Christmastime I buy something for myself, wrap it up, and write on it “To Scot from Scot.” This has become a bit of a tradition around our house. In the past, I’ve bought myself and wrapped up a book, a fountain pen, and one time a pair of slacks. That way, I’m assured to get a gift I really want.
So Kris and I got to laughing about this “tradition,” and we came up with a new twist for this year. Here’s the deal: here’s the package and a question and a deal for you…
First, no one knows what I buy myself (except Kris knows this year). [It’s not blue jeans even though when you put the cursor over the picture it says “blue jeans” — that’s the title of a set of pictures in Kris’ camera.]
Second, here is the bag I have put the gift in.
Third, can you guess what it is?
Fourth, the first person who does guess what I bought will get: a copy of your choice of any book I have written and I’ll buy you the same gift (if you want it, that is).

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