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I have given plenty of attention to books on this blog, and want to call special attention to some pastor-type books that have not been blogged much, but which I would judge to be some of my favorites of the year. Those that I have already blogged all the way through will not be mentioned. So here goes …
OK, I mention the books that have come to my attention; I haven’t seen them all so you are more than welcome to add other books in other categories. I have kept to the more theological and pastoral side of books, knowing full well one could add biographies, spiritual formation, etc.. etc.. etc..
A. Thiselton, The Hermeneutics of Doctrine. Everything Tony Thiselton writes is magisterial, and this one puts together theology and hermeneutics in ways only Thiselton can do.
M. Goodman, Rome and Jerusalem. One of England’s premier historians combines his expertises in Judaism and the Roman world in his readable and important study.
Laceye Warner, Saving Women: Retrieving Evangelistic Theology and Practice. This professor at Duke has studied a few Christian women who were evangelists and social activists, bringing to the fore the grass roots of the work of the church and retrieving stories all but lost.
O. Skarsaune, ed., Jewish Believers in Jesus. An important, updating summary of themes by specialists. I have been arguing that along with Orthodoxy, Catholicism, and Protestantism, Messianic Judaism deserves to be called a major branch in the history of the Christian Church.
Goldingay, Psalms 42-89. We need more good commentaries on Psalms, and Goldingay’s now two volumes are just what pastors, preachers, and students need. Exegetical, theologically-astute, and formational.
R.T. France, The Gospel of Matthew. One of England’s senior evangelical biblical scholars now weighs in with a full and readable commentary on Matthew, the long-awaited NIC volume on Matthew. My first choice for commentaries in the NT this year.
Biblical Theology
G.D. Fee, Pauline Christology. What Gordon Fee did for the Holy Spirit has now done for the NT teaching’s about Christ — a readable, thorough, exegetically-dense study of Christ.
Pastoral Theology and Spiritual Formation
E. Peterson, The Jesus Way. The 3d volume in Peterson’s 4-volume set on spiritual theology. With Peterson, you have to read slowly. Savor this fine volume.

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