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In Kinnaman and Lyons, in unChristian, another issue folks have with the church is that it too political. Frankly, I see this today so much from both the right and left I am discouraged. So, let’s see what K-L find.
In the word association game the best-known Christians were asked of young people: Pope, George W. Bush, Jesus, Billy Graham, and ML King Jr (in that order: 16% to 6%). For churchgoers: Graham, Pope, George W. Bush, ML King Jr, Jesus, M. Teresa, Mel Gibson, James Dobson (29% to 7%).
[Alert: the power of the media.]
Mosaics and Busters complain that names like George W. Bush are mentioned and that the Church has become too politicized. This book does not deny the importance of political action on the part of Christians. (Has anyone read D. Michael Lindsay’s book? Know of any blog posts about it?)
“The number of young people in our culture who now embrace unflattering perspectives about Christians and politics is astounding” (155). 75% of young outsiders and 50% of young churchgoers! 21% of American adults think it is a major concern; 48% see it as a concern. This is more than 110 million.
1. Christian electorate is more diverse than most know. Only 59% of evangelicals are registered Republicans.
2. Christians have a hodgepodge of ideas when it comes to politics.
3. Mosaics and Busters are much less traditional iin politics.
4. They are skeptical of using the Bible in politics.
5. Less likely to support a “Christianized” country.
6. Young people increasingly embrace a worldview at odds with Scripture.
Five themes they find in their studies:
1. Christian rely too much on political influence.
2. Christias are enamored with politics.
3. Christians drown out and demonize the voice of others.
4. Christians do not respect leaders with other views.
5. Christians are hypocrites when it comes to politics.

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