Jesus Creed

You knew this would be next: does Colossians 3 have an “ecological” ethic or does it have implications for ecology? Yes — so say Walsh and Keesmaat in Colossians Remixed.
Here goes:
Compassion for nature
Ecological kindness: we do not assert aggressive subjugation.
Humility: a respectful mode of ecological engagement
Meekness: we need the meekness to hear the voice of creation, including rest.
Forgiveness: seeking this from our Creator for the way we have treated creation.
Love: God made the world because of love.
Peace: peace working for peace in the world.
Word of Christ dwelling in us richly: it’s residence in us leads to our way of inhabiting the world.
Worship: the creation is designed to bring praise to God along with us (Romans 8; Ps 19).

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