Jesus Creed

City of next year’s World Series champion:
Here’s our champion — he conquered a marathon. Way to go Luke!
Here are two blogs worth your checking out:
Peggy at the Virtual Abbess
James McGrath on Ecclesiastes and the Meaning of Life.
Taking the Bible at face value: Barna study.
Great green advice.
John Frye’s novel, Out of Print, is now available.
An interview I gave to Tony Stiff over the phone about the concerns of the new Barna Group book called UnChristian.
Bob Robinson is critiquing John MacArthur’s criticisms of the emerging movement, which names names. Bob’s taken some hits for turning the tables on JM; the series begins here. You might weigh in on Bob’s site.
1. Ted Gossard is a steady blogger — and let’s admit it, folks, not that many are.
2. I’m listening brother (on historical evangelicalism — and you’re best prototype is Robert Webber).
3. Spoof.
4. Where “green” really hits home.
5. Anyone using this site?
6. On being a parent. (Esp if you have young kids this one you might want to print out.)
7. Have you heard about the Sodfather?
8. Christians and Muslims together for peace: Here and here and here. (HT: Derek)
9. We’re from a family of educators so we love this kind of story from Eugene.
10. Julie reminds us that senior citizens are asking emerging questions.
The Bears Win!
Which team did you love to hate? This one’s my choice.

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