Jesus Creed

The Joy in Chicago Returns…
Evening Bean:
Speaking for the next 10 days or so … very busy:
September 23
Jesus Creed
Crossroads Church
Cottage Grove, MN
Contact: James Brown
September 24
Whitefield Lunch
Moody Church:
Contact: Mark Pirrie
September 27
Willow Creek’s Small Group Conference
The Changing Face of Community
Main Stage: Community through the Ages
September 29-30
Eastpoint Church
Neward, DE
Contact: Tom Ward, Jr.
Rose’s series promises to be a good one.
It’s not often you can communicate with David Neff, coxswain of Christianity Today and a leader for the AEF Call, but David’s got a blog. Check it out.
Never done this but here goes: I’m wondering if any of you who have reviewed the atonement book on your blog would be willing to drop that review on the page at Amazon?
Next Chicagoland emerging event? Thursday at Park Ridge. Say hello to “GQ” for me. Thursday night we had an up/rooted north event at Life on the Vine; Jon Bernbaum organized and has summarized it here.
SonLife merges with YouthFront.
Do Not Call listing may need to be renewed.
1. Only in the postmodern world can this be happening.
2. Baggy pants issue gets bigger.
3. How can love become so mean? Good thoughts from Helen.
4. In this our litigious country I’m not surprised someone has tried to the Almighty, but it does surprise that it would come from the fine folks of Nebraska. Evidently, God has now responded.
5. 🙂 at 25.
6. Arctic melting story.northwest-passage.jpg
7. Definitely worth following and I could have put this in my top batch: ReadTheSpirit.
8. Yes, I’m all for this.
9. Episcopal strife and strivings.
10. A break for a gentle scene from Chicago:
Highlight of the week: Ken Griffey, hall of famer to be, popped out and then as he entered the dugout generously gave his bat to a little boy sitting there admiring him. Good for you Griffey. Don’t forget the kids and their dreams.
Great baseball flops:
Sunday: Kris and I listened to the Cubs game during our drive home from Pekin. Murton and Soto did all we needed offensively and Marquis shut the Cards down. 1 up.
Monday: On my home from class I heard The Comeback of the Year. (During class I had my screen on for Gameday.)
Tuesday: the pits — Zambrano didn’t have it and the Cubs offense looked flat; the Brewers are on a roll and now tied with the Cubs.
Wednesday: Cubs win late; Brewers lose late.
Thursday: Cubs take the day off; Brewers lose again.
Friday: Cubs win; Brewers win late.

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