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Greatest sports scandals — and they didn’t mention Barry Bonds or Mark McGwire or Rafael Palmeiro or Brady Anderson. Come to think of it, how did they forget Paul Hornung and Alex Karas?
Our prayers are with Minneapolis:
The risks, evidence show, are higher for women than for men if they negotiate for salary increases. (HT: RJS) [My link is not working so if anyone knows the link let me know. MSN page.]
Great conversation on minimum wage and read those comments. Thanks Bob.
Nice set of posters on the emerging movement.
I’m Centrist. What are you? (HT: TD)
Home of the Cubs …
Good report on smashing stereotypes by Tony.
1. My great aunt lived in Collinsville, IL, and we used to see the World’s Largest Ketchup Bottle — now I’m glad they’ve also made the World’s Largest Ketchup Packet.
2. If you live in a big city like Chicago, here is a good newspaper article about evaluating teachers. The only way to measure teacher effectiveness is to have good evaluations of students before and after the class year, and assess how much each individual student developed under that teacher’s care. All other evaluations are false objectivity when it comes to teacher “effectiveness.”
3. Emerging Tweel?
4. The last Jews in Baghdad.
5. “Wary of inexplicable kindness…” … that’s the line that got me.
6. Nan Talese fires back at Oprah. Talese clarifies something for me — that for some today, especially in a postmodern worldview, the distinction between fiction and memoir is not all that great.
7. Anyone know much about womenpriests among the Roman Catholics?
8. One of the best compliments a teacher can have is affirmation from a mature student … and I so enjoyed Sarah Ondrey’s, one of NPU’s finest, review of “our” Mary book.
9. I agree with Brad’s concerns on Piper’s comment.
There are five good reasons to cheer for the Cubs: 1907, Ivy on the Wall, Wrigley, Ernie, and Jack Brickhouse. And now a sixth: 1st place (it’s Thursday morning as I write this).

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