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Blog of the week: JR Briggs’ post on reading habits.
And do you read Dawn? Check out this post.
Dave Dunbar’s Missional Journal — worth reading.
Nice missional sketches by Henriet.
The business sabbatical. Gotta like that.
4Real” under discussion.
1. On tour.
2. On free enterprise: I’d like to have a law that worked that kept spammers from filling my spam box with junk ads about drugs. On some days I get as many as 200. I won’t mention which drugs because, so my clever friends tell me, that attracts even more.
3. Muslim and Episcopal priest.
4. The world’s most expensive cities — no Chicago. Save your rubles if you’re headed for Moscow.
5. A stunning piece on the one-child per family policy of China by Ross Douthat.
6. If Kris and I live until the Parousia, our years are exactly half taken: a la Sir Isaac Newton.
7. The Vatican announces the 10 commandments for drivers, and Italian drivers — esp motorcyclists — need them.
8. Sand more dangerous than sharks. Say what?
9. Religious jewelry — fashion or faithful?
10. I’m sure Michelle Wie will succeed as a professional golfer, but getting youngsters into the tour too soon can do serious damage to the ego and career — ever hear of Ty Tyron? No need to hurry.
11. Under-age drinking: environmental solutions. (HT: Ben Dubow)
12. I know this is a longer list than normal, but here’s a story about a church with a routine 24-hour prayer chain.
Title IX commentary.
Better even than the real McCoy.
Oakmont golf course wins, but Angel Cabrera comes in second! What a great tournament.
When “Fore!” was “Fire!”
Michael Barrett goes to the Padres, and we’ll miss his spirit and hitting here in Cubland.

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