Jesus Creed

Saturday Kris and I drove down to the City to give Joel and Karla Willitts some relief. Their twins are non-stop feeders and are keeping both of them up at night and busy during the day. So, Kris and I held the two kids from 9am to 2pm — fed them and changed them and then I was the first to read a book to Zion.
Joel didn’t want me to read Jesus Creed or Martin Hengel’s new WUNT volume so I read Zion a Dr. Seuss book about feet. Within a few years Joel and Karla will be sick of this book, but their kids will love it forever.
Well, as it turns out, we bought books for all four of them. Since Karla (and Joel) seem to be getting up at night — often (God bless them) — we gave to Karla a copy of Phyllis Tickle’s new book on The Night Offices. She is one of the only ones I know up when those night offices are said! To which we added Yancey’s new book on Prayer. And we got Joel the Pope’s new book on Jesus and Ron Martoia’s new book Static.
Since, we reasoned, they won’t have much to do but watch two newborns, down time for reading would come easy.
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