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My summer speaking schedule is intentionally light — I need to keep the schedule free for my commentary on James and some lighter projects. I participated in a conversation on the Eric Hogue show — it is on his Video/Books page next to the review of Embracing Grace.
Tim Lowly, a colleague, discusses his daughter as the inspiration for his art.
Must read of the week: Jazz Theologian’s “father of the fatherless” series.
A woman in ministry: Judy Peterson, our new campus pastor.
Good to bookmark this religion section: Chicago Sun-Times.
New blog of the week: my daughter, Laura Barringer.
Ahem, new emerging blog: Jason Clark at Deep Church. Bookmark this one.
Must-read new series by Brad Wright on Christians and sex. Part 1, Part 2.
What in the world?
1. Which parts of Scripture are most blogged about?
2. Do you Abunga or not?
3. The iMonk returns to the SBC, whom they need and whom he needs.
4. Like him or not, all Christians can offer sympathy to the Falwells and Liberty University upon the death of Jerry Falwell. He played a huge role in the mobilization of conservative Christians to become active in the public square
5. Any copies of first editions: Check out Br. Maynard.
6. Missional in my neighborhood: click here and find Eric Hogue’s post for May 15.
7. Advice for grads … good advice too.
8. Report about depression and suicide among Asian-American women.
9. A nice story about appreciating the kingdom work of a group not your own: Don Johnson. HERE IS A MUST READ AS WELL — AND ESP COMMENT #2.
10. Bloglessons from David Fitch.
11. History of Christian rock music — what do you encounter? Read this.
12. Local Catholic ordinations: 13 new priests, 12 of them foreign. Is this the norm across the USA?
Billy Muldowney Watch
Bully Chicago Watch: the Bulls play a sport I’m not much interested in (NBA), but they made the playoffs interesting for Chicago.
Blue-y Chicago Cubs Watch: up and down, over and over, time without end, Amen.

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