Jesus Creed

Kris and I had a nice flight, landed in Milano, got our car and headed for Verona — the Milanese greeted us with a massive traffic jam but we weathered it in our sleepy condition and found our way to Verona. What a wonderful city!
Verona has a massive arena, more like Rome’s colosseum than anything else, and it is a 1st Century construction. Incredibly large and still in great condition. It still is used for opera.
By the way, our Torcolo hotel was something else to find: we were driving and driving in circles, we stopped to ask a man with a kind face, he got to talking in Italian and then realized we hadn’t a clue of what he was saying, so he hopped in the back seat and directed us to within close range of the hotel. Grazie!
A lovely walk between piazza Bra and piazza Erbe, and then beyond Erbe over the Roman bridge on the River Adige.
Here are three pics: one of the irresistible gelato and the others of piazza Bra and the river Adige.

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