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You might see in Mark Noll’s defining characteristics of 18th Century Pietism — Spener, Francke, Zinzendorf — a glimmer of the emerging movement. (Mark Noll, The Rise of Evangelicalism.) For those of you know care about historical movements like this, tell me what you think. How might the emerging movement be seen as a 21st Century form of pietism?
1. A return to the Scriptures in order to discover again the gospel and the “rules for good works.”
2. Laypeople take the initiative in an active religious life, with a strong emphasis on lay folks gathering outside the church meetings for biblical study and spiritual encouragement.
3. Christians move beyond correct beliefs to active godliness and Christian love for God and others.
4. Harsh religious controversies give way to to a practice of heart-felt love for all unbelievers and heretics.
5. The ministry must be reserved for those who are true Christians and not given to those who want power and prestige.
6. Students aiming for the life of ministry need to be trained in the practice of godliness and not merely learn to parrot theories of the spiritual life.
From Mark Noll, The Rise of Evangelicalism (pp. 60-65).

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