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About two years ago we began having bugs, little buggers, in our kitchen. We’d find the little pesky things in Webster’s water bowl. So, Lukas suggested we get one of those electronic devices that sends off some kind of sound or ultrasonic wave and it knocked out our bugs – for about two years. However, they’re back, and we’re now fighting the international bug war. (Reminds me of the squirrel-on-the-feeder wars I’ve had.)
First, we bought another bug device (at the cost of $19) — this one with both electromagnetic and ultrasonic waves. Nothing happened. The little critters are still here — thumbing their nose at us. Like Bill Murray, I’m unfazed and determined. We bought another one thinking that a double dose of electromagnetic waves would surely zap them. Nothing again. (The little note on the instructions that some bugs become tolerant to these devices might be my problem.) So, today I visited TruValue with a new plan.
My trusty TruValue man suggested Raid. So, he gave me a chart to look over to see which bug I had. I didn’t recognize any of them, but there was one that looked a bit like ours. It didn’t escape my notice that the “solution” for each bug was Raid — the sheet was produced by Raid after all — but I went with his advice. I sprayed Raid.
You know I’m a pacifist, but when it comes to the Bug War I’m willing to transcend just war theories, jump ahead to a nuke-em-till-they-glow approach. Soak ’em till the croak is my strategy.
No bugs so far. If anyone can recognize my bug below, let me know what I’m looking at. Entymologists, I’m listening.
Here’s the bug — click on it, it’ll expand to full size, and then take a good look if you can:

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