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I’m looking forward to the re-emergence of up/rooted north, an emergent cohort group that shifted south for some time but is now starting up again. Jan 31 with Ray Aldred. 7pm. Life on the Vine church in Wheeling/Buffalo Grove area.
I’ve got more links this week than Karen’s got stories, but you’ve got to read this one: How was your day, hon?
Speaking events: I will be speaking at an emerging event in Seattle at the end of March at the Vineyard Church where Rose Swetman serves; Todd Hunter (of Alpha) will be there, too. I’ll keep you posted.
New blog of the week: John Ramer, our local Vineyard pastor, has posted on the running of the bulls — sort of.
Second new blog of the week: Brian Russell.
The Erasing Hate Tour — see Matthew’s House Project for dates and locations.
Is Tony Irish (full of it) or a true Minnesotan?
A Swedish response to John Macarthur’s critique of the emerging movement.
Happy Birthday Andy Tooley!
1. Nice post by Kerry Doyal.
2. Hillary’s “in to win.” Won’t this be fun? (Hint: I’m no fan of political campaigns; the Brits have got this right.)
3. The incomparable iMonk posts a little satire that is worth your time.
4. Reviving Zeus: “Our message is world peace and an ecological way of life in which everyone has the right to education,” said Kostas Stathopoulos, one of three ‘high priests’ overseeing the event, which celebrated the nuptials of Zeus and Hera, the goddess of love and marriage.” I do hope they don’t think the ancient Greeks held to that credo.
5. What do evangelicals (according to Barna) believe?
6. Has anyone heard the Grammar Girl?
7. Some readers will be interested in the hoopla around Darwin Day (HT: Rob Rumfeldt).
8. Ted Gossard’s got a great reflection on the “ideal community.” It is one full of real problems because it is full of real humans.
9. Any same-sex classes in your public schools?
10. Talk about a woman’s ministry to her husband!
11. A 9 foot ‘Roo in Oz. I’ll bet they ate dingos for snacks.
12. JR Woodward, Tony Campolo, and the Jesus Manifesto.
Da Bears!
The Cubs sign Cliff Floyd. It’ll take three months to get used to all the new names this summer.
Jeff Samardzija signs with the Cubs by choosing baseball over football. The Cubs signed him last year in the 5th round, but he deserved the 1st round pick. Good job for Jim Hendry.

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