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We had a great time in Mexico, and I’ve done my best to get some links to some blogs this week. I fly to LA Monday morning to give two lectures at Pepperdine.
I have to begin by thanking the TSK for awarding me with the emerging church blogger of the year — even if I fall way short of his techno-standards and fail even to know what he is talking about in some of his description.
To show that TSK is (in my view) still “da BlogMan” who dances techno-circles around me, I link first to him:
1. 15 Tips for Blogging in 2007 from the TSK.
2. Ted Gossard’s post on baseball.
3. Brad Bergfalk’s Africa Reflections.
4. The Top Cubs Blog on the Internet.
5. Tyler Smith Has a New Post Up (pardon the b’ball pun).
6.Hey, what about Sarah?
7. Trevin Wax weighs in on “limited” atonement.
8. This apparent strategy of President Bush may be the most significant event of his last two years and it may influence the next election more than anything else.
9. I’m no scientist, but this event concerns me — as does the lack of snow in Chicago this year (not that I’m aching to shovel more). Anyone know a really good, accessible study on global warming — pros and cons?
10. If you’re interested in Bart Ehrman’s Misquoting Jesus, Art Boulet has an ongoing nice response to Ehrman’s book.
11. Dan Kimball posts about a new, good, fair review of emerging churches by Bob Whitesel. I’ve not seen the book. I have a lot of confidence in Dan in this sort of analysis, so I’m looking forward to seeing the book.
How many bowl games are there anyway?
I missed by one on my Bears prediction. My prediction for the playoffs: “One and done.” Sorry, but I have to say what I think (not what I hope). The defense has been on steady-corrode-mode and the offense is as unpredictable as Terrell Owens’ moods.

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