Jesus Creed

Tony tagged me here, so here goes:
As I read his tag, I’m supposed to give you five odd facts about myself most would not know.
1. I married a girl, Kris Norman, who was a grade school sweetheart; her father and my father coached together; we met in 4th grade when her father invited me to the high school on an afternoon to jump on the trampoline.
2. I was a decent high school athlete — high jumped and played some basketball and ran cross country.
3. While in high school, my youth pastor impressed me so much I began teaching myself Greek and read through the whole (English, make that KJV, make that Scofield) Bible my senior year.
4. While teaching at Trinity as an adjunct, just after I finished my dissertation, I was offered a post at Alliance Theological Seminary. I called to tell Lem Barney “yes.” He wasn’t in his office. I put down the phone, sat down in a chair, and Trinity called and offered me a permanent post. I called Lem Barney and said “no.”
5. I received an appointment to West Point in high school (I was going to study German and compete on the track team), but declined the offer and ended up going to (what is now called) Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, MI.
If you are reading this, I’d like to tag Jim Martin, Steve McCoy, Bob Robinson, Ted Gossard, and John Frye.

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