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Barna on growing house church attendance and on the lack of relationships among pastors.
New blog: Mark Galli, at Christianity Today, has a new blog. Will surely contribute to the discusison.
John Frye’s series on table fellowship and Jesus. A challenge for all of us.
New site for Emergent Village.
The iMonk so often has nices posts, and this recent one about changing his book buying habits — and the wisdom that unfolds from his thinking — is worth a good read for many of us.
Great picture again at Christianaesthetic: blue bird chicks.
I like Jim Martin’s post this week on fathers and anyone who has something about Johnny Cash is my friend.
David Letterman’s tribute to Bill Gates: you gotta see it. (HT: Dave Anderson)
1. Leave Papa’s cats alone.
2. Newspaper article about Donald Miller.
3. Which means students can text-message class lectures faster than taking notes.
4. Plate size matters.
5. Bob Robinson’s begun a series on Greg Boyd’s book. Part 2. Should be good.
6. And Len Hjamarlson has started a series on Frost’s new book on the church as exilic.
7. Tiffanie has a good post at Emerging women on the Emerging Dilemma, with good comments.
8. Whatever happened to evolution theory in Kansas?
9. Tony Blair said.
10. This is what I love about County BlogDom: people working out their ideas in front of their friends (and readers). Check out Neo.Vive by Aaron Smith and his new series on Kingdom Themes.
11. Heard of “meebo”? Check this out. Or free AOL? Check this out.
12. Monitoring Facebook at colleges.
I’ve said this before: We don’t cheer for the Cubs because they win but because they are the Cubs. Speaking of which, last weekend the Cubs set a 4-game attendance record in spite of all the frustrations of this season. 162,101 fans attended the series with the Cardinals. (By the way, the Cubs swept the Cards, the first time in some 30 years.) Win or lose, Cub fans show up, go home, and then come back again and again.
Billy Muldowney Watch: As some of you know, our son Lukas is a scout for the Cubs. A young pitcher from his area was drafted this year, and I will be following him on this blog. I hope you can get to some games if he is in your area. His numbers are good.
Food and Health: Turmeric, found in curry, battles cancer.

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