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Real church: check out this story from Don Johnson at Jibstay.
New blog for me: Erika Haub at The Margins. Link to her and observe their ministry in LA.
Another new one: CECL: Catalyst for Emerging Church Leadership.
Creek bottom faith? Guess who.
What do we remember? Good ole moments. See Allan Bevere.
Please pray for Michael Scolare, a pastor in Aruba, who has now been diagnosed with a cracked vertebrae and is in considerable pain. Pray for his family and church as well.
1. Stop stupid questions in classes before they start: see Phillip Bethancourt.
2. Bob’s continuing series on Greg Boyd: just enough to get the feel for the book without getting too long and windy. Good job Bob.
3. Like it or not, the War in Iraq will figure at the top of the list for the election.
4. What can you take on board a flight these days? Read this.
5. The Democrats are working at figuring out how to run the primaries, but the problem is that when you get too many Democrats in a room you just get confusion. This newest decision may splinter the party yet further. A bright light is Barack Obama and read this piece about his visit to Kenya.
6. Cynthia Nielsen and others have a nice series going interacting with J.K.A. Smith’s book about postmodernity.
7. Learning styles for parents.
8. I’m on notice.
9. The Real Live Preacher is using a fountain pen! I got two fountain pen catalogs in one day this week, and it was too much. (HT: Jennifer)
Everyone speaks of the “eye” or the “heart” of a Tiger — meaning Tiger Woods. But what we are seeing right now is neither eye nor heart, but “mind.” He’s winning because his mind won’t let him get distracted from the task at hand — no small task when you are playing against the field, against history, and with lots of eyes watching.
Speaking of golf… Kermit played up in Seattle last week, the first tournament for him in months and months … and he got two eagles.
On Little League: I liked it when Luke played Little League, but I asked then what I ask now: Why in the world is there such a craze for international competition at 12 years old? Half of those kids are boys (4 foot 7, 86 pounds) and the other half are almost men (5 foot 6, 159 pounds, slight stache). I’d much rather see 18 year olds play baseball in a Little League tournament. By then the prematurity factor is just about eliminated.
Good news about Peter Gammons.
Billy Mulldowney Watch: Great start for Billy.
Wednesday night start- 5 IP, 7 K’s, 3 H’s, 1 BB. Got the W.

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