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We have a new colleague in our BTS Dept at North Park: Joel Willitts. Having figured out this blogging world a bit, I thought it might be a good time to record some thoughts of what I wish a veteran […]

Yesterday, sitting in the living room sipping on coffee and peeking out the picture window, I was waiting for the FedEx man to arrive at our home because the edited manuscript of The Real Mary was scheduled to arrive before […]

Paul’s logic is patently clear: Israel did not obtain righteousness (as a status before God) while the non-covenant people, the Gentiles, did obtain righteousness. Paul clarifies why “Israel” did not get it and why the Gentiles did:

Some students cheat. I heard a story yesterday from another North Park professor of two new ways students cheat, and each of them surprised me. Some students text message questions from the classroom to friends outside the classroom who, in […]

David Wells, author of Above All Earthly Pow’rs, was one of my teachers in seminary and the best lecturer I have ever heard. I was mesmerized by his sketch of theology, and will never forget his standard answer to questions: […]

The judgment of Exile, when “My people” became “Not my people” is undone when God acts to restore Israel to the Land. Paul, in Romans 9:25-29, quotes from Hosea to evoke God’s covenant faithfulness beyond the judgment of Exile. Paul […]

Not in mine. I am one of the only professors or preachers in the Western world today who has never done a PowerPoint presentation and who, in fact, doesn’t even know how to do one. I’ve got the software and […]

If you are interested in reading how 20somethings sometimes think about the church and how they think it falls way short of what it is supposed to be like, and if at the same time you want to see that […]

No one could dispute the force of Paul’s heavy hand in Romans 9:19-24. After advocating that God’s elective grace has been at work from the time of Abraham on, it is only natural (in Paul’s sense of the term) for […]

It came to my attention too late to do anything about it last semester, but I heard from a student or two by accident that a few students were sitting in the back of the class and surfing the net […]