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Some twist of fate tossed me and my wonderful Jesus of Nazareth students into a brand new classroom outfitted with the wizardry of technology. Tuesday morning I entered the room, walked to the “rostrum” (not sure of the right word […]

This is the last of my posts on David Wells’ new book, Above All Earthly Pow’rs. I thought his criticism a bit relentless, and I found his conclusion a bit surprising, but I thought his emphasis on immigration as significant […]

You just have to be impressed by the number of times in Romans Paul pulls things together with this idea: therefore, “all” who believe (anyone/everyone) in the Messiah will be saved/justified. At times we emphasize the “saved/justified” part, but Wright […]

I’m asking for your cooperation today. First a question about women in ministry and then some guidelines for participation. The question: Why is it that, in denominations that have chosen to ordain women, ordained women are not being appointed or […]

David Wells, in his new book Above All Earthly Pow’rs, points a big finger at megachurches and seeker-friendly churches for their approach to ministry — for “doing church differently.” He points to five factors leading to this new approach, and […]

What does “If you confess with your lips Jesus Christ as Lord…” mean? Here Paul defines what a Christian is.

I frequent your website the “Jesus Creed” and greatly appreciate what you have to add regarding various issues of the Christian faith. I am currently reading your book Praying with the Church and find it delightful that you appreciate many […]

I’ve been asked by a handful of people to comment about the most recent article in Christianity Today called “Young, Restless, Reformed,” the cover story for September’s edition. Calvinism, the article records, is making a comeback among young evangelical (especially […]

The Law comes to its goal in the Messiah; one is place “in” the Messiah by “believing”. In the Messiah one finds “righteousness.” Thus Rom 10:1-4. In 10:5 Paul sets those verses in context with Moses, who said that “the […]

Last Friday we took an initial look at what I am calling Neo-Fundamentalism. Today we will look at the core driving force to Neo-Fundamentalism, but before doing that, we need to see its relationship to Fundamentalism.