Jesus Creed

If asked, would you participate in a Discovery adventure into outerspace? I got to thinking about this when I saw the picture of those on board of this new space exploration and experiment. Here are my thoughts:
Would I? would you?
Some would jump at the chance; they’ve listened to LeeAnn Womack and think you need to “dance” when you get the chance.
Some (I confess to being one of this “some”) would never do it out a sense of such a gamble with one’s life. And what is not being related here is that I get sick on swings, and sudden big dips on airplanes (and little dips make me sweat), and I can’t image being shot into space at those speeds. Weightlessness, while in the direction I ought to be moving, is not my idea of a fun time: it gives me that sense of vertigo or labyrinthitis.
Now, I ask myself, why wouldn’t I do this? Why wouldn’t others?
For some of us (I’m in this “some” too) it has to do with calling and vocation. What we do is more important than the fun from a Discovery launch and ride in space.
Some of us (and I hope I’m not in this group) it has to do with thinking we are too important, that the world or our church or our work could never get along without us.
What are your thoughts?

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