Jesus Creed

Last night I discussed on Extension 720 Mark Galli’s bood, Jesus Mean and Wild. I’m not sure about the word “mean,” for what Galli means is not really a dictionary definition — he’s speaking of the stern Jesus, of the holiness emphasis of Jesus, etc. But, he’s using hyperbolically and it works for what he’s doing. But, here’s my favorite set of lines in the whole book:
“Those accustomed to Jesus meek and mild will be frightened by Jesus mean and wild. And perhaps they have already quit reading long ago. But what I’ve discovered time and again is that the ‘mean’ Jesus is more merciful than the mild one, and the wild Jesus is more fascinating than the mild one” (178).
As I mentioned one other time, here’s another good line: “God loves you and has a difficult plan for your life.” Most veterans know the truth of that.
Anything you’d like to discuss from that show? (If you listened in.)

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