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Kris and I are in San Dimas, CA, where I will be speaking to the Youth Leadership Institute in conjunction with Robin Dugall, a professor at Azusa Pacific. We should have access to the internet throughout the day, so … well, here’s a quotation about atheism I thought would be interesting to discuss.

What makes it hard to be an atheist is the feeling you sometimes get in the pit of your stomach that there must be after all, mad as it seems, an absolute good in terms of which such an act of as [abusing a child] can be denounced as absolutely evil. Thus the problem of good is a major stumbling block for atheism, just as the problem of evil is a major stumbling block for religious faith. Both must learn how to live with their doubts.

Frederick Buechner, Beyond Words, 30.
This sentiment, of course, shaped C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity. Try to shake the argument of Lewis, the so-called moral argument, and you find yourself in the sea of absolute relativism.
Embrace it and you get somewhere, not all the way (for which faith is always needed), but you discover the sort of footing the human heart seems to need. You may never feel absolutely certain in this sort of argument (though some do), but what you do sense is the pleasure of something that makes the best sense.

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